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Selecting Picket Fences For A New House

Choosing the right fence which will complement your house may seem like a walk in the park but it is not. Many people end up regretting their decisions when choosing a fence. This is because they do not consider certain important factors in fencing. Fences are available in numerous shapes and sizes. The first thing you should look into is local zoning and home owners association for the regulations for building or installing fences. Many towns will regulate the material, style, placement or size. In other towns, home owners may be required to set their fences a safe distance from the property line.

Identify the purpose

If you want to have a fence installed around your property, you must first establish the purpose that the fence will serve. A lot of home owners install fences just for the hang of it although most fences serve a certain purpose. Most fence are installed to provide the home owner with privacy and/or security, other Houston, TX fences contractor are installed to secure a pool, other fence are installed for keeping pets or children in the yard, while others are simply for decorations.

Choose the right style

Once you know what the fences duty will be, you should now select a good style such as privacy, semi privacy or decorative fences. Privacy fence mainly provides privacy. They are constructed using solid panels their height is at 6 feet or 8 feet. Semi privacy fence has solid panels also but with lattice work. And they may also be shorter than privacy fences. Decorative fences are typically pickets which keep your children and pets inside your yard. Alternatively you may want to plant a living fence, for example, a hedge bush.

Choose the right material

Home owners have different options to choose from when it comes to fencing materials. For example steel, wood, iron, aluminum, vinyl etc. Wood is one of the oldest material used, it offers a variety of styles that are affordable and more traditional. But their maintenance level is very high because it rots easily if not taken care of. Metals like steel, iron or aluminum are stronger and long lasting. They are maintenance free. Vinyl doesn’t fade or rot. Therefore last longer and is maintenance free.


All the listed factors will affect the money you spend. Material, size and style are all costly and might influence how much money you will use. A big yard will be fenced using more fencing materials and more materials definitely means using more money. Different fencing materials have different prices for example wood will be cheaper than steel, aluminum or iron and a short fence will cost less than a tall fence.

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